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Originally Posted by RC45 View Post
This would be a great experiment - don't make any changes except tire size back to 190/50 and see if issue resolves.

Ten Kate determined during testing that any time the bike (stock or HRC ECU) does now the correct wheel speed QS is disabled. It is possible once you pass certain RPM the speed differential of the rear tire to front tire moves out of bounds and the QS gets disabled until speeds come back in line.

This is why in the HRC ECU, maintaining gear and tire diameter tables at the correct values is so critical and why it is so infuriating that the stock ECU does not offer at least tire diameter setting.
Alright so this is what I got: Dunlop Q3+, 190/50 rear. Quick shifter still intermittent. It's seamless say 85% of the time, the others I have to roll off the throttle slightly to shift up, same method I use on my race bike with no quick shifter.

I bought this bike in June of 18 and have tried several modifications and got the following results:

190/55 Dunlop Q3 rear. Bike came with Roadsmart II tires (or similar) I swapped them out after one ride. I adjusted the geometry for the taller rear and was in love with the bike. I did notice that the TC was extremely sensitive to tire pressure changes. I meticulously check tire pressure, 34f - 33r. I moved to 34r and got TC intervention my entire ride. Went back the 33r and had no intervention.

15T front sprocket. Done this mod on every CBR I've owned, loved the drive off the corner BUT, when the front where would lift I would get sudden and very harsh Wheelie Control intervention. It became almost like a joke. I lift the front wheel and the bike was like "GET THE FUCK DOWN!!!".

ECU flash and return to 16t front sprocket. Best bang for the buck. Bike pulls hard and to my surprise I could get a good drive and loft the front up a few inches with no Wheelie control intervention. It only kicks in on very quick/abrupt front end lifts.

Added the OEM quick shifter and 190/50 rear. No TC intervention but I don't think I needed it as I had plenty of grip. QS sometimes won't shift up at full throttle, maybe the ECU flash? No wheelie control intervention even if I lofted the front wheel on corner exit. I did adjust the geometry again for the smaller 190/50 tire so the turn in is still to my liking.
I'll run this set up for a few weeks but right now I don't see much difference between the 190/50 and 190/55.

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