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Slow take off on 2017 cbr1000rr

Hey yall I bought a 2017 cbr1000rr used this year. It said 0 miles I doubt it though I'll post info about that down below.

I'm having trouble with my launch. It seems as though 0-25mph takes around 3-4 (im going to use a go pro today to find out the actual times) seconds then after I hit around 5-6k it starts to actually launch since I'm getting into the power band. I've messed with a few thing to no avail. I'm debating on taking it in and getting it dynoed maybe they can figure it out but I thought I'd post here first.

So I bought this bike off rumbleon seemed like everything was in order. 0 miles decently priced. When I received the bike the exhaust was a yoshi slip on, the wind screen was a double bubble, rear pegs were gone, and the rear fender was chopped like whoever had it tried to do their own fence eliminator. Talking to one of the guys at rumble on he said the original pictures the guy sent had the stock pipe and when it came in the yoshi was on it. When I received it though everything seemed like it was brand new except what I stated. Chain was waxed though not sure if that's how new cbrs come. Sprockets new, no noticeable wear on manifold, oil was clean (still changed it though) tires still had the factory lines on them. So I have no idea what to do, I've had the bike for a minute and put about 5k on it now. I'm just now questioning the take off since this is my first super sport. To me it seemed fast all around compared to what I used to ride.
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