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Originally Posted by icedmind View Post
try this, P mode 1, TC mode 1, set rev with throttle around 6k when launch, be gentle when letting clutch out to biting point as you dont want the rev to drop too much which could stall the bike or wheelie and also you want it to have enough bite without letting traction kick in (it normally does after close to 10k ish rev).

US spec CBR1000rr have reported having restrictor glued in both air tube, so there is one thing you can remove first.
also the velocity stack are different to EU spec.

also are you using 97+ octane gas? and have you try disconnect battery to reset ecu since you got the bike?
I'll have to try the launch when I get back into my area. Right now I'm looking at a 20-30% loss of torque due to the altitude I'm in from what I've read.

Do you know where any information to remove the air restrictors are?

The highest octane I can get in my home town is around 93. The closest station that sells "race fuel" 100+ octane is 30 minutes away.

I'm planning on doing the ecu reset when I get home just to be sure. I wanted to do it here but my tools are back at my buddy's in Denver. We didn't have any room in the packs.

I didn't know there was such a massive difference in rwhp from the spec sheet. Unless the I think it was 189 on the spec sheet is hp at the crank.
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