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One of "my ladies" bought her brand new, and yes fellas I baby her. Only 1600 miles, no wheelies, never revved over 7 grand. Huge chicken strips lol. My other girl is for fun, 2016 CBR 600rr.
A few pics of my 2022 CBR1000RR
Black 2012 CBR1000RR NON-ABS
I like the look but they don’t last. I had this kit for not even a year yet and it started to fall apart. Probably going with another kit soon and company.
Dano’s Performance ecu flash, best mod you can make to this formerly restricted SP
1967 (?) Honda Superhawk, my first "big" bike-Polaroid photo was underwater for 2 weeks after SuperStorm Sandy.
Three fabulous machines!
My first race weekend in New Hampshire
Happiness is a warm gun..
Can’t wait to add some more! Not pictured: Woolich ECU tune
@005 CBR1000rr with new Auctmarts fairings...4-2020
2011 Honda cbr1000rr (Black)
2017 Honda CBR1000RR-ABS (Matte Ballistic Black)
2017 Honda CBR 1000RR (Black)
2005 Honda CBR1000RR (Black)