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bought it off the show room floor at Oklahoma Honda and Suzuki in October 2009. I now have a little over 46,000 miles on it and it is still my favorite bike out of all i have ever rode or owned! I would like to get the new 2015 edition but then agin i have way to much invested in mine to sell. I have Taylor made exhaust, Taylor made undertail,2 row 20 LED strip for brake lights and turn signals on the undertail, LED strip turn signals on the passanger rearset, TST ind tag bracket to place the tag under the battery tray, EBC Street racer Clutch Kit, PC 3, Ignition modual, Graves racing volosity stacks, K & N air filter, Dark smoke doubble bubble windscreen from ADDMoto R, Red Casey Stoner #1 progrip gel hand grips, color sceem match Repsol solo seat cowl cover, speed metal folding and adjustable clutch and brake levers, cheep but good aftermarket black short foot pegs, RK chain with Vortex sprockets 44 tooth in the back 14 tooth front, and i also have a extra 2 brothers carbon black exhaust but i like the look and sound of the Taylor made better the 2 bros is a little loud and annoying and hard to hear my wife threw the headset over 45 with it.
2009 Honda CBR 1000RR REPSOL (orange)


Stock, Michelin pilot power tires, want the Marchinni Carbon Rims
EBC Street Racer Clutch Kit, RK chain,Vortex sprockets, Taylor Made exhaust, PC 3, ignition Modual, K&N air filter, Always run engine Ice, Graves Volosity Stacks,EBC kevlar brake pads, Want the PC 5, EBC or Gaffler Wave rotors
color match Repsol cowl cover, AddMotoR dark smoke doubble bubble windscreen,Casey Stoner #1 progrip gel hand grips,Taylor Made undertail, TST ind Plate relocator,2 row 20 LED strip brake and turn signal, 5 LED clear turn signal strips, and 3 LED plate light, would like to switch to the 2012 body work.
all stock suspension, stock HESD, would like to get the Showa big piston forks, Ohlens rear shock
progrip gel handgrips Casey Stoner #1 series, Rattle can orange bar ends, got tired of the black bar ends and cant find any other colors so just took the stock ones sanded them down and painted them orange to match the bike.
Wheel and Tire
U Clear bluetooth headsets, AGV K-4 helmet and HJC FS-15. I like the HJC better and think im going to go back to one in the next month or so, they fit better less noise and have a space around the ear for the speakers for my headset. been looking at the CL's



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