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  1. 2020+ RR-R Fireblade Modifications:
    Hey guys, I installed the slip-on and exhaust bracket last night. People say this all the time but pics don't do it justice. The end can looks too small for the bike in the photo but it actually looks/sounds great in person. I was surprised how much lighter the Honda version of the Akrapovic end...
  2. Mod it Good, (see Sub-forums)
    Hey guys new to the site! So basically I’ve removed my quick shifter and my power commander 5 and not long ago fitted an akrapovic and fitted my 02 sensor back in, ever since I’ve removed the pc5 and Quickshifter my bike revs like it has a cough? Sounds a little crocky, so I removed the air box...
1-2 of 2 Results