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  1. General Discussion
    About a year ago I installed a DID 520 ERV7 chain on my 07 blade with new driven steel sprockets. I have 13,000 miles on it now and it finally needs to be replaced. It was a good chain in terms of wear; it hasn’t required adjustment literally at all since new. I clean and lube it every 600...
  2. Maintenance
    I have had a did ERV7 520 chain on my bike for about 4-5 thousand miles now. I clean and lube every 300-500 miles with all maxima products. Today when cleaning my chain I saw a strand of rubber sticking out in between two of the plates. It doesn’t look like the whole X-ring ripped or let go...
  3. Modifications & Upgrades 06-07
    I noticed on my SC57 that I have to remove the clutch slave to get to the countershaft cover. There is a little green gasket between the slave cylinder and the countershaft sprocket cover. Is it necessary to replace this gasket considering there is no fluid being sealed in that housing?
  4. Maintenance
    I saw the Lightech chain adjusters on an SGT video and I liked the way they look. But most importantly they would make the chain adjustment precise and much easier than using marks. Unfortunately I don't think they make them for the SP'19 Does anybody knows of another reputable brand of similar...
  5. Maintenance
    I’m going to buy the grease ninja to lube the SP’19 chain. I don’t know what’s the chain’s size. Please help. 420, 520 or something else? please also advice on the number of links the OEM chain has for when the time comes to replace it I buy the right one. Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results