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  1. Wanted to Buy
    Slip on, just the can, OEM, anything less terrible than a 6” ebay sc project knockoff mine came with also, if you can recommend a reasonably priced aftermarket alternative, I’d appreciate that as well in a dream world, I’d find someone who has the yoshi that comes with a cat
  2. 2008-2016 Parts
    Want something quiet, or quiet-ish If it's not stock, looking for deep/low tone, nothing excessively loud please.
    $1 USD
  3. New Member Introductions
    Looking at getting a slip-on for my 2022 rr and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to which slip-on you prefer either sound, looks, etc. I have seen the yoshi street alpha, m4, akra gp, sc project, and a few others. I am just unsure on which direction to go and I do know price plays...
  4. Exhaust
    Extremely hard to find affordable slip on and/or exhaust. The resale market isn’t good for my year apparently, so what other years or bikes can I use for mine? Googled and found nothing
  5. Exhaust
    Does anyone know if the 2021 CBR1000RR has O2 sensors, and if so how many? Thank you.
  6. Wanted to Buy
    The title says it all. In search of a good condition Two Brothers M2 slip on for a 2007 CBR1000RR. I’m only interested in the titanium or aluminum, no carbon fiber please (in my opinion, two bros has been using sub-par “carbon fiber” recently). Contact me if you have the goods lol.
  7. 2008-2016 Parts
    SOLD: Selling the Yoshimura R77 Race Slip-On Exhaust. Coming off a 2016 Honda CBR1000RR SP. Great Condition. Extremely low miles. Comes with mid pipe, heat shield, and all hardware.
  8. New Member Introductions
    This week I am getting my first fireblade, a 2017 with stock exhaust. I plan on putting on a TOCE aftermarket slip on and an ECU flash. Im just curious if I need to have a servo eliminator along with a flash or will I just leave it unplugged when I put my new exhaust on.
  9. Exhaust
    I have a slip on right now on my 2018 cbr1000rr and I was wondering for those who have full systems, was it worth it? The catalytic converter on this bike seems to be very small compared to other bikes in this class. With a custom tune in mind, were there major gains going from a slip on to a...
  10. Wanted to Buy
    Willing to buy aftermarket headers and link pipe for 08 cbr1000rr preferably yoshi or akrapovic lmk what you guys have and how much you guys are selling it for?
  11. Exhaust
    I was wondering if any one has ever put a stock 17” bike with a toce exhaust on a dyno. If so, what did the air fuel ratio look like? I have been running my 17” with just a slip on and servo plug for the past year. And, I am starting to worry about the air fuel ratio. It sounds likes it’s carbed...
  12. Mod it Good, (see Sub-forums)
    I just bought my first Honda. 2017 Cbr1000rr. Matte black. Looks like a stealth fighter jet. I was shopping for exhausts until I came across a thread on this site and read a guy saying you had to flash and ecu and mapping. All stuff I have 0 knowledge about. Last bike I had was 07 gsxr750 and I...
  13. General Discussion
    Hi, is there anyone who can diagnose a few issues I have please on 2008 CBR1000RR? I bought the bike as is, with the aftermarket pipe fitted and no PC. Issues: 1. Once it’s up to temperature it idles erratic, I’m nothing close to being a mechanic, but I seem to think it’s over fueling somehow...
  14. Exhaust
    Hi all, I have a aftermarket pipe on my bike, but wanting to replace with the standard exhaust. I was wondering if anyone has installed the standard exhaust without the O2 sensor, as the standard exhaust I have doesn’t have this sensor on it? Any thoughts on whether it will be a problem to put...
1-14 of 14 Results