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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi there, newly joined this forum to learn, share, explore new insights regarding the cbr 1k liter bikes! I'm from California USA and am looking forward to meet everyone and their toys! Bikes owned: Yama 2006 R6 Aprilia 2012 RSV4 Currently own: Honda 2015 MSX125 Yama 2019 R6 Honda 2015...
  2. Modifications & Upgrades- 2017-2022 1000RR SC77!
    Hello all! So super newbie to the forum here and searching for anyone’s feedback that has already done what I'm considering doing. So I have the 2019 blade SC-77 SP1 edition, she is running on the 190/50's as per coming out of the showroom. Currently on Metzeler Ractek RR, although will be...
  3. Maintenance
    Hi all, sorry if this is a duplicate thread, I couldn't find a similar issue. Today I went out for a ride, after warming the bike up to 75 degrees or so i moved off and stopped at a temporary traffic light on my street, after pulling off from the green light i stalled the bike not once but...
1-3 of 3 Results