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  1. General Discussion
    Hello all! Brand new here. Just recently bought a 2008 CBR 1000RR. Rode it the day of the purchase, approximately 30-45 minute ride. Rode it the next day with no issues. (Short ride) Bike rode totally fine both days. Got on it to ride to the gym yesterday and it rode fine all the way to the gym...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi guys is it possible to have the wrong stator cover on an 08 Cbr100rr ? Just bought the bike and now it’s leaking oil ! “Mechanic “ stated that it was from previous gen and I just wanted to know if this is possible. And plus ! I feel like there’s too much play in the stator wire! Should I...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi there, newly joined this forum to learn, share, explore new insights regarding the cbr 1k liter bikes! I'm from California USA and am looking forward to meet everyone and their toys! Bikes owned: Yama 2006 R6 Aprilia 2012 RSV4 Currently own: Honda 2015 MSX125 Yama 2019 R6 Honda 2015...
  4. Suspension
    Can anyone with Elka experience help me figure out if the Elka-40112 will fit my 2011 ABS? If it fits, why is it listed to fit Honda CBR 1000rr 08-15 W/O ABS ? And if there is no problem, some suggestions on how to make a decent fit/look (where to put the hydraulic hoses)...
  5. New Member Introductions
    I have a 07 cbr1000rr i just installed some led lights and the bike won't seem to start. I figured the LEDs were drawing power when i tried turning the bike on so i disconnected them and still the bike wouldn't start. I jump started the bike with my car, then tried the process over again. And...
  6. IMG_5509

    My cousin's son, Fireblade 2006, Me after a 3-hour ride on a very hot day on the Romanian roads.
1-6 of 7 Results