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  1. Maintenance
    So I was hauling ass down the freeway today and must of caught a piece of road debris in my radiator because a few minutes later my riding buddy and I noticed a steady stream coming out the front of the radiator. Thankfully he saw it before it caused me to loose traction or blow up the engine. I...
  2. Maintenance
    I live in the desert so I never really “store” my bike. I do go out of town for a week or two from time-to-time and will roll the bike into my apartment when I do so it’s safe. It seems like whenever I don’t ride the bike for more than a week, the left fork will seep a very tiny amount. Before...
  3. Modifications & Upgrades 06-07
    I just installed a Yoshi RS-5 on my ‘07 to replace the garbage two bros. Everything went well except for where the yoshi pipe slips onto the stock collector pipe. There was a small exhaust leak coming through the clamp. I tried to index the clamp different ways and even tried two clamps with the...
1-3 of 3 Results