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  1. Maintenance
    Hey guys. I have about 23k on my 07 1krr and am planning on checking the valve clearance within the next thousand or so miles (yes I know it’s over the interval). Instead of measuring everything and buying individual shims from Honda, I figured I’d just buy a kit of 130 shims from Hot Cams. I’d...
  2. Maintenance
    It seems a little bit strange to me that after I add 2.6L oil after oil and filter change, the oil level is above the line on the dipstick. The manual says the maximum capacity is 2.7L though. Is there any suggestion that could help me avoid overfilling in the first place? Thanks guys. btw bike...
  3. Maintenance
    I had my bike in storage for a long time, took it out about a year+ ago, and my mechanic completely rebuilt the master cylinder, among other things to get it running again. Everything been running great, no issues until a couple months ago... now whenever the bike sits for a couple weeks without...
  4. Maintenance
    Has anybody ever undergone this task or did you just replace the entire unit itself. The fuel pump primes, It was running before then after sitting for about 2 months not being started due to a separate issue, when I finally got the bike back, it began stuttering and wouldn’t let me get past 4K...
  5. Maintenance
    I’m going to buy the grease ninja to lube the SP’19 chain. I don’t know what’s the chain’s size. Please help. 420, 520 or something else? please also advice on the number of links the OEM chain has for when the time comes to replace it I buy the right one. Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results