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  1. 2020+ RR-R (SP) Fireblade ONLY
    I own RR-R in Korea. It's been 6 months since I started the service I rode 2,485 miles. I'm curious about other RR-R owners. But one day, I heard this sound all of a sudden, so I'm flustered. Start the engine completely cold The gear makes this sound when the clutch lever is pulled in the N...
  2. 2020+ RR-R (SP) Fireblade ONLY
    I have recently changed the gear rations from stock to 15/44 on 520 pitch chain wheels. Seems the engine management cant recalibrate as I have engine management warning light on constantly. In addition and even more worrying, when I got onto an open road and ran for perhaps 1 mile in top gear...
  3. 2020+ RR-R Fireblade Modifications:
    Hey guys, I installed the slip-on and exhaust bracket last night. People say this all the time but pics don't do it justice. The end can looks too small for the bike in the photo but it actually looks/sounds great in person. I was surprised how much lighter the Honda version of the Akrapovic end...
1-3 of 3 Results