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  1. Modifications & Upgrades- 2017-2022 1000RR SC77!
    I want to replace both levers for the SP ‘19 I’m looking for standard size, adjustable Any recommendations?
  2. Modifications & Upgrades- 2017-2022 1000RR SC77!
    Does anybody know what is the color code for the gold rims on the SP’19 ? thanks
  3. Maintenance
    I saw the Lightech chain adjusters on an SGT video and I liked the way they look. But most importantly they would make the chain adjustment precise and much easier than using marks. Unfortunately I don't think they make them for the SP'19 Does anybody knows of another reputable brand of similar...
  4. Maintenance
    I need to adjust the fork preload on my SP'19 fork but I don't want to ruin the beautiful blue finish. Any recommendations on a specialized tool to accomplish this? Also if you can share the size of it that'd be great Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results