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  1. Maintenance
    So I recently did a fork service, it’s been 10k miles since my last one and although the fluid was still pretty clear, it was glittery. Anyway when I was done I was running down the preload adjusters all the way stiff just out of curiosity and found out they are uneven to a small degree. My left...
  2. General Discussion
    Does anybody know a way to get factory preload on the forks back to factory settings, if you are working on a bike, and don't know if someone has adjusted them before? The adjuster seems to spin way past what the manual says is the max adjustment range both ways.
  3. 2020+ RR-R (SP) Fireblade ONLY
    Hi there: My bike (2021 CBR1000RR-R SP) encountered an issue that pop-up information appeared on the screen, which is a yellow warning, indicating that the electronic suspension was faulty. But I was riding normally, never drove on aggressive roads and there was no collision. I checked the...
  4. Suspension
    Can anyone with Elka experience help me figure out if the Elka-40112 will fit my 2011 ABS? If it fits, why is it listed to fit Honda CBR 1000rr 08-15 W/O ABS ? And if there is no problem, some suggestions on how to make a decent fit/look (where to put the hydraulic hoses)...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Recently acquired a 2014 blade, base model. Completely stock with the exception of an Akrapovic slip-on (I have some questions about that too). I'm finding the ride to be very harsh over the small bumps but also quite wallowy in the corners. I weigh about 75kg fully geared (165lbs). I've...
  6. Maintenance
    I replaced my fork seals this week following every step in the service manual. The only shortcut I took was compressing the spring collar with ratchet straps instead of the designated tool. I used a fork bullet, motion pro seal driver with tape on the inside as to not scratch the fork tube. I...
  7. Suspension
    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the stock spring rate is for the stock TTX EC shock that comes on a 2019 SP? (presumably will be the same for 2017-2019) Thanks, John.
  8. Maintenance
    I need to adjust the fork preload on my SP'19 fork but I don't want to ruin the beautiful blue finish. Any recommendations on a specialized tool to accomplish this? Also if you can share the size of it that'd be great Thanks
  9. Suspension
    Hi Guys, I drive a 2019 Honda CBR Fireblade. I need some advise on the suspension setup for street. The suspension was perfect for street driving but I set it to Factory and never took down where it was. It was a demo model so the dealer set the suspension. The preload in front feels fine...
1-9 of 9 Results