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  1. Maintenance
    I’m getting ready to do the valve adjustment in my 07. I’m getting all the necessary gaskets and seals that go under the cam caps ahead of time so if I do need to adjust I am ready. If I don’t need to adjust I can’t just keep them for next time. Anyway, I was wondering if I should replace those...
  2. Maintenance
    Hey guys. I have about 23k on my 07 1krr and am planning on checking the valve clearance within the next thousand or so miles (yes I know it’s over the interval). Instead of measuring everything and buying individual shims from Honda, I figured I’d just buy a kit of 130 shims from Hot Cams. I’d...
  3. Modifications & Upgrades- 2017-2022 1000RR SC77!
    These videos show how to do a valve inspection on a 2017 CBR1000RR motorcycle. Each video is about an hour long because its a lot of work, but its nothing you can't do yourself if you put your mind to it. Part one: Part two:
1-3 of 3 Results