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02 Location for Autotune

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Sorry to make a little thread like this but I have an hour and a half to get this welded and I wanted to know where you guys are putting the bung for the 02? In the mid pipe with a slipon? I have the Jardine RT-5. Thanks a lot guys!!
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In the mid pipe of the slip-on close to the header side.
Well I couldn't have asked for a better source on that! :thumbsup: Now running the wiring for it is the next problem. The location for the 02 allows me to run the wires behind the swingarm into the subframe.. I hope that will be okay
So would this be a bad location? I'm trying to figure out where to put it and still have a good location for the connector

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That location would work also just make sure to think about swingarm movement. The closer to the header you can get though the better. Reversion could be an issue the further back you put it.
I ended up putting it right in the first bend of the mid pipe. I figured it would be better closer to the header.
Rode for about 8 hours today and it worked great.. When I plugged it in to the computer the auto tune had all the trims and I accepted them. Does that mean it uploaded them into the PCV?
It means that the values you had in the trim table have now been added to your base map. It will send these new values to the PCV and zero out your trim table.
Okay that's what it did. But today I rode 200 miles and half way through the ride when I would take off from a stop in 1st between 3000 and 4000 rpms the bike would all of the sudden lunge a couple times. The trims changed majorly at 10% throttle on the auto tune so I cleared the trims
Did you block your PAIR valve?
Yes, did that before the rest of the install. The bike is still doing it
Can you send me your map so I can see your target AFR tables? [email protected]
They are all the default AFR settings that came with the map (Jardine RT-5 with filter)
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