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04-07 Elka Shock

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This shock has quite a history. It was originally a remote resorvoir prototype for the 1000RR and developed in Canadian Superbike Championship. It was sent back for a complete rebuild and revalve in 2006 when they converted it to its current piggyback body. In 2007 I had it revalved by Joey from AMF Motorsports (formerly of Ohlins and Kyle Racing). He revalved it to mimick an Ohlins and it does very well - have the suspension dyno to prove it and will be included in the sale. It is sprung for 220lb rider with an Eibach spring, has high and low speed compression damping, rebound damping, threaded preload with torrington bearing (to prevent spring binding), and also adjustable for ride height. It has about 3000 miles since last rebuild. It should go about another 9000 miles or more before service is required. This is a helluva lot of shock for the money! $500 shipped to the continental US.


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about how much is a new spring, ans where would i get one?

Pm sent.
why cant i have $500 bucks why...i want this shock so bad. good luck with the sale bro

Payment inbound! Thanks :thumbsup:
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