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Hello New member here. I've jumped from a 500R to 1000RR recently. I owned a 2008 1000RR for about 3 weeks before selling it (someone made me an offer I couldnt refuse) and now am back at square one looking for liter bikes. I dont really know much about the 04-07 models or even the 08-11 models. I would like to hear what people think is better all around and which ones to avoid. The criteria that matter most for me is:

1. Reliability: Will always work properly as long as it is maintained.
2. Ease of Repair: Relatively easy to repair by me or a mechanic (labor price is more reasonable than the other).
3. Least Amount of Manufacturer Defects: No motorcycle year is perfect. That being said, i'd avoid the years that conflict too much with the 2 criteria listed before.
4. Resale-ability: Not the biggest deal for me but i'd prefer one that will hold value if i decide to sell it after only a few thousand miles of use.

From my findings in my area, 04-07 cbrs can be found from $3,500-$4,500 with mileage ranging from (14,000-35,000). 08-11 cbrs can be found from $5,000-$7,000 mileage from (10,000-25,000).

I currently looking at a 04 CBR1000RR with 24k miles for $3,800. Plastics are bad and not oem but it has not been abused or crashed. New stator, rectifier, high performance battery, power commander, thicker brake rotors, new brake pads, and adjustable handle bars. Maintenance has been done by the owner as he is a mechanic.

I also have my eyes on a 08 CBR1000RR with 18k miles cherry red & gray oem fairings for $5,000 and looks very clean. Taylor Made exhaust, Bazzazz Z-Bomb timing retarder, custom undertail, steel braided lines, and a new battery.

Lastly im also looking at another 10' CBR1000RR with 18.5k miles red&black striped. Most fairings oem except the front cowl. Person lowsided it and the right side fairing and exhaust has road rash but the engine side had protection so no damage there. $5,000. Lots of performance parts on this one (i dont know anything about them). Fmf slip on exhaust, power commander 5, power commander quick shift model & link, 1/4 turn throttle tube mod, speed) healer, timing retarder, block off plates, velocity stacks, K&N filter, after market break lines, after market fuel injectors, and sprocket front and rear gearing for tune.

Sorry for the lengthy post but i'm looking to get something that will make me happy. Id rather make the right choice. Tired of looking, need to be riding. If you think these years of bikes are vastly inferior to the newer ones and think i should save my money, let me know!


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Hi and welcome.

I have owned both an '04 and a 2011.

My view is that the 04 is a more 'comfortable' bike in that the rider ergonomics are friendlier than the slightly smaller 08 - 11s. It is also, again in my view, a nicer looking bike by virtue of its sharper nose cone and fuller lower fairing. Underseat exhausts are a matter of personal choice, but I like them.

Of note, there are major differences between the 04 and 05 compared to the 06 - 07 which was refined in many ways. Much of these upgrades can be found in comparisons here:
Honda CBR1000RR

You will find many reports of the 2008 burning oil, although I didn't experience it with my 2011.

An older bike will generally be cheaper, but condition and mileage rule price. There are always mint, low mileage bikes up for sale from time to time. Sometimes it pays to keep tabs on the market and pounce when necessary.

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I have both and I’ve raced both. The ‘06 is bigger and less nimble than the ‘08, but I’ve loved the ‘04-‘07s look from day one. They both ride great, are reliable AF and I’ve had zero issues with either.

Other than that, the only advice I can give is to stay away from any bike that has been heavily modified. The thing is, you have no idea how good or how bad the install was. And if it was bad, it can mean a lifetime of nightmare situations. I’d rather just have a stock bike that I can do what I want without the worry of something major going wrong due to somebody else’s mistakes during an install.
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