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04 color combo:

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Just bought this 04 CBR 1000. Before I bought this bike I tried to find this color combo on the internet and could not. Is there a lot of color cominations in 04?



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The '04 was a red bike with a grey lower. The black mid fairing in the picture is not stock. It' been painted.
The mid fairing on you bike has been changed or painted.
This is what the red 04(US, Japan) looked like:

See my sig for the other color models they had, silver and black i dont think there where any others for the US version.
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I'd say it's been dropped and the side plastics replaced with another color option
I have the paperwork where he bought it off the showroom floor!
I have the paperwork where he bought it off the showroom floor!
that doesnt mean much buddy..
That's the mid from an all black '04. The '04s came in red/black, silver/black and black/black.
Do you think the dealer could have done that to change is inventory up?
dealerships are not going to go throught the trouble to change plastics. Plus the VIN number on the bike is not tied to the numbers on the plastic ( not individually numbered plastics) The bike definately is not stock and I highly doubt it was sold that way off thefloor unless it was used. Besides, it doesnt really look right with the solid black/graphic red
ok, so if I wanted to take it back to "stock", all I would need to do is change out the plastic pieces (one on each side) and I would be good?
yes sir, just the right and left mid-cowl/fairing......or just call opp and carbon fiber the whole thing!!! :thumbsup:
Is it hard to find reasonable priced plastic for a 2004?
Is it hard to find reasonable priced plastic for a 2004?
New is going to run you roughly 300+ bucks. Used if you can find it in good enough shape a whole lot less.
just keep it that way for a while and enjoy the ride. its unique and if this is your first liter bike you may scuff up the fairings anyhow, so you can replace them stock if you want after youve had the bike for a while (stock OEM parts can be very expensive by the way). after you look around youll probly wanna do some "custom" stuff instead of going back to stock. just my opinion of course.....its your bike do what you want. :th_salute:
yeah I wouldn't worry about's not hurting anything and not worth the money since you'll more than likely get scuffs on the plastics.
I am actually starting to like it. I think it looks alright. Looks better in person rather than in the pics.

Im the same with my '04. Dont know if this is standard either ????

Anyone know.

I Like the colour either way :)
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