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07 600RR track bike

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My old knees cant take it anymore and since i am going to korea in a few months i decided to sell the track bike. I am in no real hurry to get rid of it so when the right person who is looking for a turn key perfect track bike comes along and wants to give me 8K pm me and we will work the deal out. I have posted many many pictures over the years of every mod I have ever done to the bike but I am going to add here the few that i have saved.

I will deliver within 100 miles of san antonio. If you want to throw in an extra 700 bucks I will include the 10 foot trailer with baxley sport chock and totally stocked tool box.

Here is the skinny
07 600RR
1800 miles the last 1000 were track only
mods are
eracing skins
gutted intake
yoyodyne fairing stay
LSL clip ons
brembo master cylinder
steel lines
320mm wave rotors
sbs dual carbon pads
fork protectors
GP suspension reworked forks
ohlins shock
browning buck acumen dash
hrc throttle
spyder grips
rocker switch ignition
stripped wiring harness
gcraft rear res
vortex clone rearsets with gp shift
520 kit -1/+2
gilles chain adjusters
lightweight rear rotor with ti bolts
hrc coolant res
lightweight battery
EGCV servo eliminator
pc3 with custom map
shorty clutch lever
stomp grip
arrow headers
leo vince carbon fiber slip on
shogun frame sliders
rear spools
shark guard on swingarm
ti rear axle nut
woodcraft stator cover
woodcraft clutch cover
carbon fiber clutch cover
PAIR mod
drilled caliper and front axle bolts, oil plug and filler.
bmc race filter
puig lightweight wind screen

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bump for a beautifull machine
i am going to put this thing on ebay next week so for forums member
first 6500 and you work out shipping
Holy shizzle!

Wow, you've got hella blood/sweat/tears into that thing, Bax!

Sorry you hafta sell, bro.

Good luck!!

Good seller bump
track bike sold
now its time to get rid of the street bike.

( i can do that head and cam swap on the old vette now)
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