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08-09 CF undertail (fe)

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I started this for my bike, but decided to go with a different approach so I am offering this piece for sale. I cut down the factory fender and filled it in using fiberglass/bondo and then did a CF overlay on it. all the factory mounting points are still there and you can use the stock tail light.

you will need to figure out turns, and a license plate bracket but those aren't difficult all.

I am asking $120 for it finished, and I will give $20 back if you send me your stock undertail back so I have one in case I sell my bike or something.

price reduced to $80 pics below
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have any pics of it on the bike mate?
Thats kinda hot....what else you being tinkering with Dr. Frankenstein??
as soon as its finished i can install it for pics if you want.

I dont have a factory tail light though cuz I cut mine down (big swede mod) for a slim look but you can get the general idea.
Slim tail light?? Yeah lemme see when u can. I digz the CF
here are the finished pics...I kinda like it... I would rock it for a while if I didnt hack my stock tailight.. ah well...

you can see my half tail light too..haha

side/under shot...

full view

straight on from the back
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Yo addict, don't forget to post pics when you finish your bigswed mod. Should look great.

By the way, not sure if you are planning to build your own FE for your bigswed mod. If so, can you make me one? Please send me a pm if you are interested in making one for sale.

Thanks again,

WOW I like the slim look.....uhhhh I did the intergrated thing though and I like it. But daym
thanks for the comments... pm sent eddie...

as of now the FE in the pictures is still for sale... will consider trades too for 08 parts (levers, hrc windscreen, good gloves, or other)
Your piece is looking good Addict. Should sell quick. Good luck man!!
Are you selling the thin look or just the fender eliminator?
just the fe that I am not going to use.
well I really dont need this, but I just want a few bucks for my time I put in it.. so I am gonna drop the price to $80 shipped.
no interest yet? wow, im surprised.
item is sold... thanks! go ahead and lock this or whatever.
awww man! Infidel got it before me...

You're gonna come back to a pimp tight bike man.
Nope, wasn't me. Someone beat me to it also. This time difference sux!
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