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08/09 Exhausts?

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I will be getting a CBR1000RR soon, either the 07 or 08, the 07 would cost around $8500, the 08 would cost around $8999, either way ima be happy, but i am asking you guys here if there is an 08/09 exhaust that does not remove the black heat shield that is stock on the bike? I think thats a heat shield, either way it looks likes a piece of the bike, is there an exhaust that lets you keep that or do they all get rid of it?
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I take it you are referring to the heatshield on the footpeg of the 08. there are some that get rid of it and some that don't.
Yes, thank you for the reply. Much appreciated.
i thought the same when i first looked at the 08...and the "bruce fabrication" exhaust picture makes it look like there is a shield there, below the silver part of the pipe...there isnt...that is actually the catalytic converter chamber you see...if you take the pipe off, the whole thing comes off as a unit...there are only about three or four aftermarket exhuasts that have a shield to replace the open space left when you remove the stocker...taylormade, yoshimura (who also sells the shield separately), jardine, and i think akra has one now too...there may be others, but i am not aware of them...mrgrn sells a killer nice carbon shield that will work with most pipes too...
Thank You Sir, much appreciated for the information. I dont have a 1000RR yet, i have to get rid of my ZX-10R first lol.
keep the 10
If the price is that close for the 07 and 08 - GET THE 08!
Well..i have found a deal i just cannot pass up. Im trying to buy a bike from a member here on this site. I will let you guys know more information once i hear from my bank today.
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