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i dont know what dealer did you find but a whole mirror on carolinacycle(the cheapest store for oem parts i know)

ITEM................................. PRICE
LENS, R. 33403-MFL-671 - $21.57
SOCKET, R. 33405-MFL-671 - $36.38
BULB (12V 21W) 34905-MEJ-671 - $2.64
MIRROR, R. BACK 88110-MFL-003 - $70.90
CVR, R. BACK R 88113-MFL-003 - $12.23

Total: $143.72

i was trying to help you out but if you can get a brand new mirror for $70, go ahead my friend

remember from what i'm asking for the mirror i gotta pay shipping and paypal fees, so for $50 shipped i'd rather to keep it than to give it away:thumbsup:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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