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08 crankshaft

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why is 08 cbr crankshaft part number replaced by another one
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makes me wonder if they realy retarted the ignition for epa reasons something is wrong with the old crank someone had to have a whole new motor put in at my freinds shop last summer honda gave him the 09 motor
A superseded part number does not necessarily mean a new design part.

tell m the part number.

it should go in sequence like: XXXXX-XXX-XXX, like 60814-S81-A01.
THE first grouping is the actual part, second is car/bike type and third is series.
13310-mfl-ooo originaly now its 13310-mfl-010
13310-mfl-ooo originaly now its 13310-mfl-010
So the last three indicate a series change. Most likely from a sublet crank shaft manufacturer change, or a factory press, or facility change. This is not a actual physical part change.

going from first series "000", to a new batch 010, possibly in the future "020"

hope this clears up things!
thanks i'l sleep a little better to night
This was discussed before the bike was even available in 08. And I'm sorry to say that it is a new part. Right along with the new head gaskets, new clutch, new rings. The crank problem showed up right off the bat with teams testing bikes around December 07. These bikes were still in mostly stock form but being revved to 15k rpms. The cranks were cracking and some were shearing the flywheels off. At one point one of the teams had all 4 bikes with broken cranks. Honda issued a memo to the teams telling them to lower the rpm redline to 14k until they could provide a stronger crank. By the pics passed around it looked like the metal was porous almost. They also lowered the service life of the crank from 3000km to 1500km. Teams were pissed of course but what else could they do. At 14k cranks still sheared flywheels and had cracks. In the UK street bikes started showing signs of bad cranks, all were covered under warranty but a recall or even a bulletin was not issued.

The part number has been changed and "supposedly" the new crank went into the 09, even though I already heard of something happening with a 09.

While this was happening many people thought that the main reason for problems was that these were racebikes. One thing to keep in mind is that a bunch of these happened on BSB bikes, which for 08 the spec had to be stock everything other than more duration on cams. The bikes were running 13.2:1 compression, not too high at all.

BTW, the transmission gears wear issue has not been messed with and most likely that's because it takes time for it to happen. The oil sump problem hasn't been dealt with either.
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