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08 draggin...first time.

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Well, I was planning on going to MAM today for my first track day, but with the questionable weather around here I didnt want to drive 4 hrs and get rained out or get limited time on the track so I stayed home and decided to go to the drag strip last night for a test and tune night. here are the results:

this is my first time on a bike at the strip, but I have been there with my old I am not a total noob, but it is a totally different situation on a bike.

it was really windy so they decided to only run 1/8th mile, and it started raining shortly after I arrived so I only got 2 runs :( but at least I got the nervous jitters out of my system and I didnt crash...haha.

my first run was the better of the two, 7.279 @ 112.96mph... the guy to my right had an older kawi 1100 drag bike that was lowered and streched but he said it was his first time at the drags too... he lauched better, but I romped him once I got on the gas. but I was also sleeping at the tree lol.

my second run was worse... I ran a 7.535 @ 111.29... the track felt slippery for some reason and I came off the line real easy like... in hindsight I should have staged to the left or right of the lane, where the car tires where, not right in the middle where the leaks are...haha.

waiting for the track to be cleaned up after a zx-14 came down off a wheelie hard and broke his oil pan...:eek:

either doing a burnout, or just about to:
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but I was also sleeping at the tree lol.
I'll say. :laugh:
Nice boots >:)
thanks duke! they are actually pretty decent condition.. and the fit isnt bad either...

I also wanted to mention this other kid that was there on a 04 r6... he had a 50 tooth sprocket on the rear and was asking me for advice on how to keep the front I told him to try to launch in second. but he never tried
Sounds good. I can't wait for the track to open up over here. Been itching to get it in
Man that bike looks hot with that honda windscreen =X
Man that bike looks hot with that honda windscreen =X

Thanks! but its actually a ZG double bubble..its in my sig that I want the Honda screen next... I kinda accidentally bought the ZG (long story) but I plan on getting the honda screen eventually.....I gotta pay for this one first... I said..its a long story, lol.
what does ur 60 foot look like? ur not comin off the line nearly hard enough i dont think. i run 6.60 or 6.70 at 116 or so with a 1.7 60 foot. i fight all of first gear tho so it could be much better
well, my best 60ft to date was a high 1.8 sec. but I had a nasty wheelie out of the hole on that was a bullride haha. but I kept in it as much as I could and rode that out to a 10.6 or something like that. I am debating on feathering the rear brake to help keep the front down off the line... but I wont be going back to the strip for a little while.. gotta preserve my tire for a trip in a couple weeks.
touching your brake in a drag race is very counter-productive lol. its all in the clutch. lean forward and slippppp and get in it as much as possible then when u hit second go balls out til the end.
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