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'08 mid fairing removal

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It's really not that bad.There are fewer screws than the old bike, and many more tabs. It kind of folds apart. I was'nt looking forward to doing it, but it was easier than I expected. Yes, you need some patience, but anyone can do it. Here is a step by step;

First remove these four bolts.

Then remove the three snap clips from the inner cover. Just push a phillips head screwdriver or something else pointy into the center of the clip and it will release.

Here's the cover once it's been removed.

Next, remove the two plastic phillips head clips inside the front fairing. On the right side shown here it's not necessary to remove the rear one, but on the left side you must because the wiring harness runs behind it.

Then give the ram air intake duct a tug toward the outside. It should pop free. I've previously removed the flapper valves, vacuum cylinders and plugs, so they're not shown. Simply unplug the vacuum hose and connector and it will be free.

Then pull the ram air duct free from the airbox where it passes through the frame. It may take a hard tug.

Then move to the bottom of the fairing. Pull the rear of the black aft fairing outward and unseat the tab from the mid fairing.

Then, right behind the front wheel you need to pop the tab loose shown with the arrow by pulling the mid fairing forward. Then it will all slide apart and you are ready to do the other side. It's almost exactly the same.

To put them back on, it all slips together rather easily. Just reverse the order of these steps. It seems pretty tough, but after having them off a few times, it only takes a couple of minutes to take them off.

If any one else has any tips, let's hear them.
Can someone send me a link with pictures? I just recently bought my 11 cbr1000rr. Previous owner had HID and high beam ballast was dead when I got bike. I don’t want to break anything when take off the left fairing which the ballasts are under. Any assistance is greatly appreciated
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