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08 Oil consumption/Break in

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New to this forum, and new to the 081krr, but definately not new to rideing! With numerouse posts about 08 oil consumption makes me wonder about break in procedures used. I have looked over most of the pages but i have never seen any talk about break in. Is or could there be any corolation between break in procedures and the oil issue?

So out of the people that are having oil issues, how did you break in your bike? Slow and easy like the manual reccomends, or break it in like your are going to ride it?

I have my own feeling about this issue that I'll keep to myself. But after having some 12 or 13 bikes that never had any ring issues i think i'm doing something right!!

Post up lets see whats up!!
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Hard(ish) break in, similar to the dyno break in, has not burned a drop, 5000 miles now.
No full throttle accel or hard launches. No oil burn here at almost 5K
I baby'd my 08 for the first 600 miles & baby'd as in nothin over 6k rpms after i changed the oil it's been balls to the wall ever since with NO OIL CONSUMPTION! I agree with OLDXX the oil burnin bikes most likely weren't broke in properly
My 2009 manual stated: no full throttle until 250 miles. That was it!
Same here, I didn't go past 6k for almost 800 miles. Changed oil at 200, 500, and again at 1000. I don't mind buying all that oil :). I decided to changed it twice after the first one because it had so much crap from the first change, it was gross.
what type of oil are you guys using I think thats just as important, also I think all of them will start burning oil at some point in the near future, the rings they started with dont work, it doesnt apear that Honda changed them on the line till the 09 run...... we all have an opinion on this but the failure rate is just too high for it to be simply break in alone... is this thread for all those whos bike is not burning oil?.......I dont think its fair to blame the owners on this one or say we broke ours in right and we dont have wont feel that way if at the end of the riding season yours starts burning too much oil
it has nothing to do with how they were broke in. defect is there regardless.
it has nothing to do with how they were broke in. defect is there regardless.
i agree. my wife somewhat babied hers while i reamed the snot out of mine and they both have been fine
after the 600mile oil change dont use full synthetic, stay on mineral 10-30 for a few thousand miles and i think this helps seat the rings properly. at first mine used oil with semi synth. and since i got back to mineral 10-30 it's fine. my opinion.
honda is not off the hook

I'm not trying to blame anyone! Just asked a simple question to see if break-in affected the oil issue!
My 2009 manual stated: no full throttle until 250 miles. That was it!
it has nothing to do with how they were broke in. defect is there regardless.

just for the record I broke mine in on the dyno. No issues
I live in maryland & i use 10W-40 spektro non synthetic in my 08.I don't feel the need to use synthetic i don't race at a track and i really don't dog the piss out of my bike to much.I change the oil every 4k and no problems here!
I just took it kind of easy on the bike, but really that was more for me to get used to the power coming off a F4i. I don't think it has anything to do with break in, and I do believe people are having a problem, but I am not one of them.

My bike has been to the track a couple of times and I ride pretty hard and I haven't burned a drop of oil.
Changed oil at 300 mile for Honda Mineral, again at 1000 Honda mineral, the finally Repsol Semi Syn at 1500 miles and have not burned a drop 5000 miles on her now.
Hard break-in with many varying RPM's, never staying at the same RPM for very long. I burned a little bit of oil during the first 800 miles or so, but I have 2500 on it now and it hasn't burned a drop.
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