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08 tank removal - electrical connectors

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Hoping someone can help...

So I removed the rear pegs at the weekend, in the process removing the tank. I've just gone to put the tank back on and can't remember which way round the two electrical connectors underneath go - one black, one brown.

Both seem to fit either connector, and neither way round gives any errors on the display.

Anyone know which way round they go?
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please help, this is urgent, i have my bike apart downstairs and I can't remember :(
that would help, I just can't remember and this guy never got his question answered...and I was almost done!
Brown Connector on left hand side as you are sitting on the bike.
Black connector (fuel reserve sensor) with black and red wire is the one identified in the pic. Only one place for the other. Hope this helps.


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Download the service manual for future projects
Brown Connector on left hand side as you are sitting on the bike.
No probs. I just had the tank off on Sunday and took pictures of everything before I dismantled it. I would've posted the pic but I don't how
I would've posted the pic but I don't how
If you have the pic hosted online such as like on photobucket, just click the "Insert Image" button and put in the address.

If you just want to attach the picture, click on "Go Advanced" and you will see the paper clip button to attach files.
I post pics by using the go advanced button below. Then below there are additional options and a manage attachments button. Just browse to the file and then upload. I'm sure there is a better way but that's the way I do it. A lot of people link to photobucket pics or whatever other photo hosting site.

I'm a little slow tonight! :th_SmlyROFL:
Thanks Guys. I have just had a go uploading it, but I think the size is too big. The attachment box says it can only be 800 x 800 for a JPEG and I have done a few searches on how to resize, but I am going to give it a rest for today. But definitely the brown one to the left as you sit on the bike. I also saw somebody else reply to this in another thread but I can't find it now. But it was the same advise.

Good luck.
The internet is a lot of work. :) You could probably find a free program that will let you resize photos. Depends on your OS. I have photoshop Elements (pay) and it is pretty easy. Gimp is available for most OS's and is "free".
thanks guys, got it on a while ago, brown on top ; )
Sort of worked

Apart from the big white border round the picture. I'll work on that tomorrow. I'm off for a kip now. I did the resize thing through paint.

Anyway, nite nite.
It's in DeathAce's sig. Just look in the FAQ sticky and there is a link to the thread that he started about the manual.
The service manual is the bible
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