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08 Used purchase Help

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Found a used 08 red/black 1400 miles for $8300 and 3 months left of warranty. BIke is spotless no mods and owner is 64 years old. Oil changed at 800 miles.
Concerned about the oil burn issue and the owner says it does not burn oil.
Made in 02-08, last 4 vin 3973.
Should I stay clear since Honda is not acknowledging they have an oil burn issue?
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buy it, you can put 7000 miles on it in six months and sell it for what your paying.
It depends on where you're located, but I'd expect a price closer to $7500-7800 with those miles and that color.
at 1,400 miles, he hasn't really had a chance to notice if it's burning oil or not. even if it burns a little, they're great bikes and i wouldn't worry about it. just keep an eye on it and ride it
You can purchase a factory warranty while it is still in the 12 month period.The price if the tires are in good shape and no damage should be about 7700. no more as you should extend the warranty I think that would run around 300.00 maybe some one knows for sure. but by the time you pay tax and buy a warranty you could almost buy a new 08 especialy if you have a trade in as your tax liability would be less. if you look thru some resources you will see them range from 8300 before tax to 8900 max. If any one pays more than that they are just not looking good or trying hard enough. good luck and read thru the oil cosumption threads but I believe it comes down to rings thru my experiance and some others, if you dont ride hard it may never show up but if you do its the luck of the draw if that bike has the right rings in it or not. maybe by now someone can tell us thru the vin# were it was caught but I dont think Honda knows for sure due to various venders of these rings and the fact they were specd wrong to start with and they had more than one supplier and more than one line working on the same bikes. gets confusing and that is why Honda is going on a per bike basis. there is also some evidence of some issue at the crank and causing a winning noise that means near failure and the motor most likley will get replaced. if its the rings they will fix it. ask the guy if has has done the clutch recall yet as well. like I said GOOD LUCK. I love the bike not happy with Honda Corp or Honda U.S.A.
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