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08 with 06 Akra.......might just work....

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I'm just about to swap the 06 for an 08/09 to race and am having a few exhaust thoughts.
There's a new class for our National series over here that only allows stock engine and slipon exhausts only.

I've been trying to sell my Akra Hex full race system with no luck, and a mate has just suggested a possible great idea.

Am thinking about trying to use my Akra muffler as a slipon for the new 1000rr, looking at different aftermarket slipon pics I think the bend in the Akra pipe (the one welded to the muffler) doesn't look like it'll be too far off from being near useful.
Possibly getting a C section bend made up to join the Akra and OEM headers will be all thats needed.
The Hex can will be on its side with the top of it facing outwards, wouldn't be hard to make up a mouting strap to hold it in place.

Worth a try?

Or just go get one of these.............

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