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1000RR 05 - front top/bottom screws

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Hi guys

I was wondering .. is just my bike or all 1krrs are the same: when adjusting the top&bottom screws from the front fork I can not hear a click (like I hear while adjusting the rear suspension).
Is it supposed to click when I hit a turn (softer/harder) ?

And another question regarding the top screws from the front fork: if I turn both screws to the softest position and then adjust both to the hardest position I can see that there is a difference between the left and right fork meaning that at the left screw I go ~ 7.5 turns to hit the hardest position while at the right screw I go ~5.5 turns to hit the hardest position.
What this should mean? Is the left one more used than the right one ?

Waiting for your opinions
Thanks a million
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