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1053cc fueling/Power Commander map?

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I’m closing in on my first break-in rides at the track for my freshly built 1053 engine.

I have a Power Commander 3usb installed and it’s using a stock displacement Yoshimura slip-on map.

The displacement is now about 5% more and my guess is the fuel mixture is lean. The bike warms up much faster… a sign it’s lean, perhaps.

DynoJet map database doesn’t have anything with the 2mm high compression pistons I now have.

Does anyone have a custom map for this displacement I can try to input to get me by for a day or recommendations on how much fuel to add to the current map to ensure I don’t hurt the engine? Trying to avoid hurting valve seals or cracking a piston.
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It won't be lean to cause motor issues. On my 1091cc high compression build, I ran a dyno on a 999cc map and was only very slightly lean from 10k to 13k. You can pick a map from Dynojet and scale the entire fuel table by 5 to start.
It won't be perfect, because the Power Commander will not add 5% to the upper airbox injectors. It may run a little lean, but it will not be lean to cause damage.

Here is the AFR curve for my bike on a 999cc map. It had +12-15% fuel in the range that read slightly lean, but still perfectly safe. +2mm overbore is not a significant change to the displacement, and higher compression ratio improves engine efficiency, but does not cause more fuel to be used.
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