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1st Track Day Ended with Memories and Some Nessacary Paint Work!

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I went and did my first track day yesterday. It was with Nesba at MAM. It was cloudy, about 45 degrees and looked like it could rain at any moment. The first two sessions went great, and I quickly realized that my riding position needed some work but was feeling more comfortable each lap. Going into the third session, I was getting more consistent with the lines and working on my position. 10 minutes in it starts to drizzle, come through one of the chicanes and make the last left(as easy one at that), my rear lows traction and I low side off the track. Once I stop sliding, I see a another bike went down about two bikes back. Luckily both of us are alright and the bikes aren't bad either. Just broken right mid, upper, windscreen, and some rash on my left mid. Looks like I'll be painting it again! I loved the track day and I think I may be hooked on them. Now I just need to get a track bike and to leave my street bike to the street. I'll post some pictures soon.
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I was on the verge of going too.. I decided against it due to the 4 hr drive and the high chance of rain... sounds like you had some fun though. good thing you didnt get hurt.

im gonna be there sometime this summer I garantee it!
Sounds like fun.

Ahhh... the memories.

Good luck scroungin up moneys... this shit get expensive.

KBB needs to do one of these threads. SOON!
Some Pics!!!

Here it is, just the upper, windscreen, left mid, right mid, and just a small spot on the left lower. The only two parts that can't be repaired are the upper and windscreen.

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Glad to hear your okay. Fix that beast back up.
Work on the bike has already begun. The mids are sanded down and I will go through fix the cracks tomorrow and get them in primer, With any luck I'll have the bike completely repaired within a week and a half. And with any luck I'll have a track bike within the next month or two.
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