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2004 Honda RC51 Hayden Edition only 1608 miles!!!!

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Selling my beloved 2004 Hayden Edition. Has only 1608 miles. TIRES STILL HAVE THE TITS ON THEM!!! It was owned by a true enthusiast and has an LED Undertail and Hindle High Mount Pipes. Selling for a realistic $7000. This bike is in MINT and when I say MINT I mean it condition. Not a single scratch on the bike. Runs perfect. Call me with any questions or PM me your email address and I can send you my 30 other pictures of the bike. Bike is located in Lynchburg, VA and will deliver it for free within 100 miles.


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Thanks Jimmy! Its crazy what some of these people are trying to fetch for my exact same bike 8,500-$12,000!!!! I guess if you have to have an 04 RC 51 you will pay extra to get what you want. Mine is the lowest mileaged 04 Hayden I have found. BUMP
Very impressive bike - GL.
Sweet ass bike man.. Goodluck!
use to love that bike
nice bike gl with the sale
Send that baby to Canada...they'll pay a King's ransom up there for a clean RC...

I helped a canuck friend buy one here in Cali last year...a pristine '05...paid a reasonable price...but now he's selling it up there and asking a lot more.
Bump I emailed everyone who was interested in pics. Im bummed Im 12 hours from windsor now! Oh well someone will end up buying it.
Do you still have the sticker kit, I see it hasn't been applied to the bike.
Bump for a sweet ride.:thumbsup:
No sticker kit for it. I'm the 2nd owner and the first guy opted not to put it on. He couldnt find it when I bought it.
Man this is tempting considering my father-in-law just got one also. I'm in the process of buying another house, or I'd be all on this. Good luck with the sale.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts