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2006 CBR1000RR

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Haven't been on here in quite awhile due to some things, but alas, I must sell my baby. I bought it new in March of 06 and just don't have the time to ride and I don't want to see it just sitting there. It has Watson Design flush mount LED turn signals up front and LED fender eliminator on the rear, flapper mod done, as well as carbon fiber mirrors. It has the stock windshield on it now and blue anodized swing arm spools. I also have the stock turn signals and rear fender that will go with the bike. It has been adult owned and babied since new.

I owe $5,900.00 on it. Give me payoff and it's yours. I just can't see paying on something I never ride, and letting it sit and collect dust when it NEEDS to be ridden. I'm not interested in making anything off of it. The bike has 1742 miles on it. Bike was knocked over and broke the speedo, so I bought a used one from a member on here that reads 3400 miles. Here are some old pics, and if I can get off work before dark I will take some new ones. These were before I got the cf mirrors (from lexus rx)... You can reach me at 931-284-7494.

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pm sent
PM Sent as well.
Thats a hell of a price and nice bike. Good luck. I'm sure that she wont be collecting dust in your garage for long.
at that price.... gah.. prolly already gone
This is one is mine hopefully, im going to see my bank tomorrow morning, if all goes well, ill be paying a visit to ol 1BADCBR1K wooot lol
PM's replied to. D0minate is talking with his bank tomorrow a.m. about it. Will DEFINITELY get more pics up tomorrow!
damn if i didn't already have one, i'd fly out tomorrow, pay cash, and ride it home. what a steal!
damn if i didn't already have one, i'd fly out tomorrow, pay cash, and ride it home. what a steal!
Oh come on!! What's better than one? TWO!!! LOL
Ok i have applied for my loan, i will be hearing something tomorrow.
I had to do another loan app, something was wrong with the first one, but i sent you a pm about it.
Just keeping her at the top til she sells...
TTT means Tax, Tag and Title..woot. lol oh btw shes gonna sell.
Location is the issue
Yep, still for sale. I'm in Middle TN just outside of Cookeville. ABout an hour and a half from Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.
Back to the top... still for sale. C'mon guys, let's get her gone!
1 - 20 of 29 Posts