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2008 blade - Thinking of doing first service myself.

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Any help is much appreciated... or advice to go ahead and have the dealer do it is appreciated just the same.

I believe that the $220-$315 I've been quoted for that first service is a crime.

They said they spend 3-3.5 hours on the bike. I don't know about that... it's an oil change and then a once over. If I have the manual, couldn't I just do this myself? I'm pretty handy with a wrench and have been tooling on cars/bikes for about 10 years.

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Just keep all your paperwork for parts and make some notes as you go for when/if you sell the bike.
Being newer to a "new" bike, I got intimidated and started calling around. I was quoted $310, $220, and then $175. The $175 guy was real nice (No Ho Honda) and said that the other two shops would add the cost of oil, about $40, and they would call it "parts".

The $310 shop said they spend 3.5 hours on the bike (yeah right...)
The $220 shop said about 1.5-2 hours, as did the $175 guy. He gave me "free" parts, and then even discounted me on that for no apparent reason.

I can't complain- $150.10 and they REALLY cleaned it well. The wheels had a greasy film on them ever since I bought it and the guy scrubbed the wheels down, washed it all, blow dried it and then wiped it down again. It looks great and at least I have the assurance and warrant issues may be less sticky.

I planned on spending about $50+ on oil, filter, washer and I don't have a rear stand, and I don't know much about what to look for.

I'm rambling, but the short of it is that for $150 (I've heard some guys getting first services for >$99) I don't mind it THAT much. :cool:
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I would say DIY as long as there is no problems with the bike. I use to work at a dealership in Melbourne Australia and the first service on most bikes is a joke. 80% of the time its a apprentice doing the work and they charge you full rate for it (%110 per hour). Once they even forgot to put the sump plug back in and another time didn't put any oil in it. Take your time and double check everything and you should be good to go. You can download the service manual from one of the members on this forum (not sure who it is)
all u need to do is keep your receipt for oil and filter in case u have bike failure to show the dealer, write milage down to. i used a small filter remover tool like for a honda accord. go over your bolts, check tire pressure thats about it. i didnt have to remove headers or nothing its a 30min job max. use honda oil and filter for warranty purpose. i cut my old oil filter open and it had alot of metal in it kinda tripped me out.
It took me an hour to get the fairings off the first time
Having purchased 4 new hondas, I've NEVER had the bike shop do anything. It's highway robbery what they charge. You're basically paying for the ignorance of not being able to do it yourself. Changing the oil is one bolt and one filter! lol

Look on ebay I'm sure they have the service manual on CD for like 5 bucks or somethin. Plus working on the bike yourself gives you more confidence that is was done right (usually).

Not to mention if you're in doubt just come here! Someone here has been through it before and can lead you step by step through whatever it is!
Change oil...first service done...

Don't remove lower... use extension and wobbly in filter wrench and stock Honda filter/wrench... a little cleaner in the lower and she's done lickity split...

I did originally purchase a Fram and it didn't fit because of the header... too long.

Change oil...first service done...

Don't remove lower... use extension and wobbly in filter wrench and stock Honda filter/wrench... a little cleaner in the lower and she's done lickity split...

I did originally purchase a Fram and it didn't fit because of the header... too long.

If it's under warranty do NOT use anything other than a Honda filter; I spoke to Honda USA and was told in no uncertain terms that they wouldn't honour the warranty if a Honda filter wasn't used! Any oil that complies to their spec is ok but do use an OE filter.
workshirk i believe you can use the K&N oil filter as well, correct me if im wrong but every honda shop i go to sells them and all K&N products say "this will not void your warranty" on them so that could be an option also. Its a little easier to get on tightly and off when your doing the oil change so thats why i use them.

As far as the first service. fack it DIY its no biggy
Read the warranty very clearly, you can do it yourself, you just need.

1. Statement saying the work you've done
2. Detailed records of such work ( receipts, etc..)
3. Something else I forgot
DIY, save the money and take the time to get more familiar with your RR.
As long as you use a motorcycle oil filter, they can't say it voids the warranty. Now if you use a car oil filter, then that gives them more of a basis to void the warranty.

But, it is still on the dealership to prove that what you did caused the problem.
Being an 08' with the potential for oil issues (of which I don't have yet) I decided to ask how much for the dealer to do the first service. This would be this first bike that I ever have had the dealer do it.

To my surpise it was quoted $103 with tax. Ok, sounds good, but I also asked when you doing the first service check the clutch out. They did and agreed that it wasn't performing the way it should so they replaced the whole pack. My appointment was at 1:30 and I was on my way first service and new clutch pack by 5:30. Total bill $103.00

Hey folks. First post here; I just got 2007 1000RR and will need the first service too. I see from this post that everyone mentions just the oil/filter. This is no problem. What other things are there to do in the first service?

Along with oil, my dealer said adjust cables (probably brake and throttle as the clutch is hydraulic), adjust chain tension (as the chain will stretch), and re-torque bolts.

My question is which bolts? and is there anything else? If this is it, this is definitely a DIY.


2007 1000RR Silver

edit: yea, yea. I read a bunch of posts and figured it out for myself.
Here's what I did at 600 miles:

Change oil/filter
Torque front and rear wheel bolts to spec (from owners manual)
Snick up (i.e., I didn't torque but ensured that they were nice a snug)
* bolts on front and rear brakes
* pinch bolts on front and rear wheels
* bolts along sides of the bike (I think stator and tranny cover)
* clipons, HESD, fairings, windshield, rider and passenger pegs
Adjust chain slack
Check throttle cable slack
Check all fluid levels

To get at the oil filter, I only needed to remove 2 fairings; the side lower and the one that holds the right turn signal. I kind of wonder if it's possible to just remove the lower and will look into that sometime -- maybe loosen the bolts that hold the other fairing and slide it out.

The filter came out easily with a filter wrench (the one that wraps and you turn). I like how you can more easily see the oil drain bolt better with the fairings off.

I have an appt. for the 600 mile service next week and I think I'm going to cancel -- should save me about $200. I guess I'm good for a while.

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