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2008 CBR1000rr, 3 coats of clear, + ventureshield film

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Time for me to sell the CBR. I've been out of work since February and I don't want to take any chances.

Details. Bike has 1900 miles on it, broken in by the book, gradual rpm increase up until 600 miles. It doesn't burn any oil, and I had the clutch recall done at my local dealer.

When I bought the bike, I immediately took it apart, pulled all the bodywork off and had it clearcoated, with 3 layers of clear. After that I took it to my clearbra guy and he put on Ventureshield film on the upper, front fender, vertical edges of the lower, tank, and around the rear cowl. The bike has the additional rear cowl added (it was clearcoated as well), passenger pegs removed, Puig DB, front and rear axle sliders, and a stem stand for a radar.
It also has the R&G fender eliminator, stunnas plate mount, and a clear alternatives integrated brake light. There is a Valentine One hardwire kit already installed. The bike is absolutely mint. You can see in the pics how red the bike is, that's from the additional clearcoat. To me at least, this bike is better than brand new. I want $9k even for it and I'm in Dallas, Tx.
Service manual, passenger pegs, and stock windscreen all go with it. Thanks.

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Dude that sucks you gotta sell it. I'm in DFW and I'll let my buddies know about this. Good luck with the sale.
That sucks, But I would sell my car b4 I sold my bike.

P.s. I drive a 91 accord and a 07 1kRR
Holy shit. That bike is so red it looks photo-shopped.
Bump for ya.... Beautiful looking CBR!!! G/L with the sale....

Holy shit. That bike is so red it looks photo-shopped.
:D But it's not. Photos taken with a pocket Casio camera. Clearcoat is the way to go :D
If you want to sell all the plastics on it let me know i need some asap
Can't buy the bike but how about selling that rear stand.
Hey man... that bike is beautiful!! I am very interested. If you still have the bike, I will be coming thru Dallas this week. I would love to see it then. Please PM me contact info!

Still have the bike? I'm in Indiana but a road trip is always fun.
x2 still have it? I'm in dallas and my ZX10 was just stolen, so I'm shopping. Let me know!
Yep, still got it. PM'd you both.
Beautiful Bike, free bump
bike looks super clean! sorry to hear of your misfortunes plate mount looks trick though :) haha thanks again!
hey , can u pm me the price u are looking for , i am interested and am near ya
got a couple of kids Ill trade ya. You can claim them on your tax return and get some more money.
There use to Top Ramen noodles and tap water
Let me know.
ah.... JK.
I will put the word out. Im just east of Dallas and no a few people looking to upgrade.
Its a beautiful bike.
Bike has been sold, thanks.
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