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Hello all! Brand new here. Just recently bought a 2008 CBR 1000RR. Rode it the day of the purchase, approximately 30-45 minute ride. Rode it the next day with no issues. (Short ride) Bike rode totally fine both days. Got on it to ride to the gym yesterday and it rode fine all the way to the gym. On the way back I started feeling some weird fluttering when cruising at 70-80 (5-6kRPM) thought nothing of it until I started trying to roll on the throttle and do some pulls. Pretty much every gear would stutter when rolling on the throttle. When I say stutter, I mean I'm cruising at 4-5kRPM in any gear, start to roll on throttle evenly, and once it increases 2ish thousand RPM it will just start cutting out/stuttering/bogging.

When I bought it the guy mentioned that the tank sat about half full for 2-3 months, and in South Texas its pretty humid. I figured there may be some water in the tank, I syphoned a good amount out but couldn't see any water in what I syphoned. There was a small amount of rust/oxidation in the tank. I've been a mechanic for about 6 years, but have no experience with tanks. The amount of oxidation didn't seem severe to me (but I could definitely wrong). I put an additive water remover/injector cleaner top it off with good gas. Rode it today, first trip around the block totally fine, pulled through all gears no issue. 2-3rd time around the block started stuttering again. The bike has 15,500 miles on it. Has no cat and just a straight pipe exhaust. If I'm correct, that would make the bike run leaner? Meaning the plugs are likely fine?

I would have already stripped this bike to the frame to look at all of this stuff. But my toolbox and everything I own is in Oklahoma. I'm trying to fix this in an apartment complex parking lot. Minimal tools, minimal space. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks guys!
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