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Found some videos thought I'd share, Motociclismo tested the 1000's and other big dogs.

MV 312R 170whp 295kph
ZX10R 169whp 296kph
CBR1000RRABS 166whp 287kph
GSXR1000 163 whp 292kph
R1 163whp 286kph
RC8R 158whp 285kph
1198S 157whp 284kph

You can watch all the dyno and laptime videos here:

ZX10R 1:52.71
CBR1000RRABS 1:52.79
MV 312R 1:53.3
GSXR1000 1:53.5
R1 1:54.0
1198S 1:54.0
RC8R 1:55.4

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Suprising to say the least
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