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A.M.A. is an IDIOT!!!!

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Does anyone else find it rediculous that the AMA is allowing the 1200 buells to compete in the sportbike (600cc ) class......? This may be a repost but as I watch AMA primtime ( another stupid move by AMA or SPEED TV or the combination) all I seem to hear about durring the sportbike class is " Look how well danny eslic is doing" and " that Buell is finally competitive!" Well no friggin sh$#!!!! The stupid thing is twice the size of all the other bikes! Bubba Shobert era Flattrack anyone?? AMA changed the rules all the time to allow HD (Buell in this case) to be able to win since they refused to build a competitive bike! Then what happened? Oh yeah, major Japanese companies dropped out of flattrack all together. Whats that you say? Japan is leaving AMA roadracing now???

AMA is an IDIOT!!!!!
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From my understanding DMG/AMA is still allowing freewill, if the teams using 600's don't like it, don't race :popcorn2:
that is exactly the point.....if you piss off all of the manufacturers you will have another hd/suzuki show, just like flat track......and nobody wants to watch that

actually its a 1125cc but yes almost twice the cc's as a 600, if you cant win in this formula you need some kind of help, i personally have not heard but feel that the buell should be carrying some serious weight if this is gonna be the situation. when the new duc 1098 went into service in WSB they added weight a couple times in response to what was seen to be an unfair advantage. as soon as i heard that the people involved with nascar were gonna be sanctioning the ama races, i knew the series was gonna go down the shitter and turn into a "spec" class
Look at drag racing bikes the V-twin Harley's get more cc's to make them competitive. Just like Nascar. If your car is getting beat build a faster car don't slow the faster cars down to make you more competitive.
I don't think the rules allow a Ducati to compete in Daytona Sportbike either. If a 1100 cc buell can compete why not a Ducati?
Last I saw, the Duc 848, Aprillia RSV 1000 & Buell 1125 were all three at the same weight requirement and I think it was like 10 more lbs than the 600s but not sure on that part.
So wtf is up with the new weight requirement's on the machines? Anyone read the bulletin yet?
Nasbike wants to get more american Harley Davidson fans in the seats, what a better way to do that then to favor the Harley Buell. AMA racing will soon be largely irrelevant as an actual racing organization, much like nascar is a show instead of a race.
I think the AMA will likely get back on track in the next season or 2 otherwise the manufacuters will likely follow through with starting a new organization (that's probably what I'm hoping for)
Not to mention the rolling starts. That shit's ridiculous. It's very NASCARish. Not to mention that it takes like an hour to watch a 20min race cuz you gotta listen to Sheeheen or whatever his name is. The AMA is basically crap. It will bring muchnmote awareness and support to the sport via sponsors and fans but it won't be true road course racing like motogp or even wsbk.
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