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a-star boot sizing?

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i wear a 10.5 nike shoe. i tried on the a* 10.5 boot and it was huge. anyone else wear a 10.5 shoe?? if so what size boot do you wear? they only had a 10.5 to try on.
whats weird is i have a* tech 3 boots for my quad and they are size 11???

thanks guys!
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i wear a size 10 shoe. i have size 44 alpinestar smx4's, and there's quite a bit of slope in them. would preferred 43's, but with my fatter ankles i couldn't zip'm. prob don't help ya none, but at least something.
I wear 12 in shoes and my size 47 Supertech's fit perfectly.
I wear a 10.5 dress shoe and a 45 A* SMX Plus.
Just got to keep trying them on until you find your size dude.
I just bought there One-O-One street shoes, I normally wear a size 14 in DC/Vans/Adios/DVS skate shoes. The One-O-One size 13 fit like any of those skate shoes do in size 14 for me. For off road boots I find the A* run small and need a size 14 in any of there tech series. I have there tech 7's.
Nikes are usually a one full size or one and half bigger than everyone else. I wear a 11-1/2 Nike and 10.5 Adidas or 10 Altama.
My tech 8's are 11 and tech 10 are 10.5.
The tech 8's get heavy socks for lousy weather and the opposite for the tech 10s

Nike's tend to fit small, well at least on me and I usually have to 1 or .5 size bigger. So, go to the next smaller size in the boots. Alpinestar boot/shoes were extremely comfortable for me and fit like a cross-trainer type shoe.

Just read above post and it depends on how you view it. Just get a smaller boot size than you wear in nike shoe.

Oh yeah sorry, just have to face the fact that you have smaller feet :)
I wear a 10.5 Nike running shoe and both of my A* boots (SMX-Plus and Supertech R) are size 43.
I wear a size 11 Nike and a size 45 Alpinestars
thanks for the responses. i ended up buying a pair 2 days after i posted. but now that im at work i forget the size. pretty sure its the 44 or 9.5US SMX-R. still feel big though but any smaller it was too hard to zip up.
I wear a 10.5 Nike running shoe and both of my A* boots (SMX-Plus and Supertech R) are size 43.
on the flip side.....
I'm a 9.5 in a dress shoe.. 10 in hikers.. tried on smx-5's this weekend, went for the 43's first (thinking it's 9.5) ended up with 44

guess you really just have to try em.. seems there's no consistency with sizing
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