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Aftermarket clipons with factory plastics

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Ok so the deal is I cut the nipple on the factory clipons and turned em out a bit. Now they hit the front faring when bars are turned all the way either way, that dont bother me to much though being that my bars are rarely turned that far unless turning around or something. My deal is now it does seem to handle as well, I have to put more force on the bar in turns now it seems and that's no good, few close calls because of this. I'm gonna go with some aftermarket bars but wondering what brand you guys with factory plastics (if that's even a factor, heard it was) are running and what degree they are. Any info is appreciated. Bike is an 07 if that matters at all
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I have vortex clipons and the fitment is pretty tight. The brake and clutch levers both come VERY close to hitting the front plastic, the inner bit of the brake master cylinder just barely touches the side of the instrument panel and both bars come very close to hitting the side fairings near the frame. I don't know what degree the Vortex clipons are but they're lower and they turn down less than the stock ones.
i have the giles clip ons and even though there fully adjustable you have a small window to work with. with no interference i have mine set at 4 degree down turn. 8 feels nicer but hits. at full lock.
get woodcraft risers--1" or 1-1/2" youll be fine
get woodcraft risers--1" or 1-1/2" youll be fine
Those are what I was looking at getting, being that the clipons go undere the tripple

Thanks for the replys guys:thumbsup:
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