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airforce recruiter?

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anyone in this forum an AirForce officer recruiter? or a recruiter? my wife is thinking about joining, and going in as an officer. So just wanted to kinda give her someone she may ask questions to. Thanks in advance.

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What kinda questions she wanna know? My wife is going to get commisioned and she is personnel.
first starters how long is OCS? or the avarage of all the training at the start.
Let me ask the wife...talking to her right now
i had the opportunity to do OTS when i finished my degree but i decided id rather be an enlisted E7 than an 01.

no one respects the LTs
If the Air Force had a warrant officer program I would stay another 10+ and stay with K9....still waiting on the Mrs. potna
16 weeks bruh
I am a 1st Lt. in the Airforce... I was a ROTC guy in college tho. I can answer some questions... PM me.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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