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On ye olde Facebook feed...

Ten Kate Racing Products
14 hrs ·

????????? ??? ????: ????? ?????? ???? ??? ????? ????????? ??? ???? ?

Here comes a once in a lifetime opportunity: The genuine, authentic superbike raced by Nicky Hayden- The Kentucky Kid in the 2017 WorldSBK season is now for sale! ?

This amazing bike is the real deal, set-up exactly like Nicky used to race it, which means:

- Matching chassis number;
- Matching engine number;
- Matching ECU / Electronics numbers;
- Matching chassis build-up.

The bike gets sold according to the 2017 WSBK specs listed below, exactly the way Nicky raced it:

??? ??? ???? ????? ????????? ??? ????

??????: TKR / Cosworth engine kit

???????????: Cosworth package with TKR fly-by-wire system*

??????????: Öhlins WSBK spec

???????: Nissin WSBK spec calipers & Yutaka discs

???????: Aluminium braced

????????: TKR / GPMS (Hayden spec)

??????: Marchesini

???????: Akrapovic WSBK spec

*The full electronic package on this bike is developed and built in-house in collaboration with Cosworth, the special TKR fly-by-wire system is also developed and built in-house.

The bike is in absolute showroom state, but it is also fully operational and ready to ride or to be used for shows. A certificate of authenticy will be signed by TKR for the full package and parts sold by TKR. ✏

?????: €95.000

Other than the breathtaking looks of this bike, it obviously has a lot of emotional value for us and many other people, as unfortunately this is the last bike he ever got to race.?

Now please enjoy the magnificent pictures made by Peter Jager from A special bike like this deserves nothing less than to be shown to its full beauty! ?

For more info on the bike please contact Kervin Bos: [email protected]

???? & ????? ???? ???? ?? ??????? ???? ???????? ?

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I just read on the MotoGP website that Ten Kate is getting back in to WSBK

But I will keep dreaming that I will wake up to this bike at my house.

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Even if I did take out a mortgage or sell a kidney, don't think I could ever ride it. Kinda think it should be on a plinth in a museum or something. It would be one hell of a bike, though.

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Amazing bike!
I think if buying all its exotic racing parts separately would be 2-3 times more expensive
Build cost of the 2017 bike was a little cheaper than the 2018 bike due to much of the electronics being self engineered so costs where internal costs versus purchase costs.

But yes, civilian parts content of these team bikes is over 300,000 Euros, mostly paid for with Redbull and Honda Europe sponsor moneys.

Take the Bonamici triple clamps - about 2000 Euros per triple clamp set and each bike uses about 10 triple clamp sets during the year, not considering they are available in 5 different offsets, so as each rider has there chassis developed they may go through a number of mm offset triples.

These in turn ride in Bonamici offset steering bearing cages that use vertical rollers not tapered rollers or balls and as such the upper and lower triples ride directly on the bearing cages and the upper a lower triples themselves wear out... so the $2500 triple clamps are considered consumables ;)

So at 95,000 Euros, yes it is a bargain.

The Camier bike at 80,000 Euros was also a relative bargain.
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