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Another 'squidly' move from an idiot

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On the local news this mornin..'..a 20yr old woman is serverly injured after falling 60 ft from an overpass. The woman was a passenger on a motorcycle that was behind a pick up truck on a highway overpass when the driver of the bike, (19yrs old) decided to pass the truck on the right hand shoulder. (single lane overpass) The bike hit the retaining wall, and ejected the female passenger over the side. The woman is still in serious condition and the driver arrested for wreckless driving after the incident.'

Talk about an idiot! :th_down: Prayers go out to the girls family.
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Holy crap that is awful.

60 FEET!!!
I bet he's feeling like an ass right about now
I bet he's feeling like an ass right about now
he is an ass, so for him is normal to feel like an ass
he's feeling like something worse right now, :shoot: effin idiot
jeesshhh.. he ought to bungiee without rope, payback..splattt!!!!
good Lord!!! and these people are allowed to breed!!
see ya next fall, no nookie for him
Bet he gets all the 'nookie' he can handle in the pen...heh heh
WOW! About 5 years ago in Tampa, a rider lost contol on an overpass and flew over the rail, landed about 40 feet below, the fall didnt kill him it was the traffic below that ran him over over. Died on scene.
Heres the online story from
Motorcycle Passenger
Falls from Bridge
Created On: Friday, 17 Apr 2009, 6:28 AM CDT

DALLAS - A motorcycle driver was arrested Thursday night after an accident caused his passenger to fall from a high overpass bridge to the ground below.

The accident happened around 9:30 p.m. on the ramp from the westbound George Bush Turnpike to go southbound on the Dallas North Tollway.

The Department of Public Safety says the motorcycle driver, 21-year-old Lazaro Torres-Perez, attempted to pass a pickup truck on the right shoulder on the one-lane ramp.

The motorcycle hit the retaining wall, and the bike's passenger, Leah N. Sanchez, fell about 65 feet to the ground below.

Sanchez was taken to Parkland Hospital. Her condition is not known.

Torres-Perez was taken to Baylor hospital, then to the Collin County jail. He is expected to be charged with reckless driving.
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D BAG u got that right
Here's hoping his former passenger has a speedy recovery.
Update on this....the news just talked to the brother of the girl. She wasnt even wearing a helmet, but the driver was..freakin tool! Shes in critical condition still.
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