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Any other 08 1000RRs w/ 12V lead under rear seat?

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I was curious to see the first time I removed the passenger seat of my 08 1000RR what some call a "Ford" connector or an insulated female/unisulated male bullet connector lying in the trunk area with a cap on it. I thought it looked like something you could put a trickle charger on the battery with out removing the drivers seat. Cool! Until I was just installing my energy seat and saw that the wire with connector connected directly to the battery and fused at 3A. It appeared to be aftermarket after inspecting the crimped ring terminals and unsealed/proteted connections on the battery posts. Im starting to see the picture I think. After a few stops and 5 miles my battery seemed week, it had a hard time turning over the motor. I think that the battery was week where the bike is a year old hold over and the dealer had a trickle charger on it at some point. I called to tell them about the battery being week and they seemed to be surprised.Hopefully others can chime in and help me clarify further. If no one else has this 12V lead, I guess if the dealer wants it back they could replace my battery for me right?
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is the connector red?
Are you talking about this cable? If you are, mine has it installed from the dealer. The dealer I bought my bike from puts them on all their bikes so they can keep the batteries charged. I'm sure it is a pretty common practice.
If you're really concerned, just take it back to the dealer and have them test the battery.


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H82, looks just like that. The dealer will test the battery for me, I just hate to have to deal with something like this on a brand new bike. The last bike I bought as a left over as well and it always had issues with the original battery going dead, not taking a full charge, etc. until after 1.5 years I replaced it. Thanks for the pic and posts.
The battery on the 08 is kind of weak. It doesn't turn the motor over very quick.
use it for a battery tender, i have it on all my bikes.
battery tender is a great lil thing to have.
Thanks guys, anyone know why when the motor is turning over slow (at least a second delay between rotations and sounds like it almost does not have enough battery to start the bike) I hear a beep? Then it fires right up after the second time turning over. I looked in the owners manual (do not have service manual yet) and see nothing. Wondering if the bike has a hi temp audible alarm and Im hearing the beep from the same source?
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