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any success with PCV on 09 rr?

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i just installed my PCV and zbomb to my 09 rr. it already had a bmc race filter and full akra race exhaust. but once i put the PCV on, the bike didnt wanna turn on. i realized that a vaccuum line unhooked and i thought my problem was solved. but after hooking it back up together again, it still was not firing up. i uploaded the map from dynojet for the pcv with only the race akra full system. does anybody have a clue about something i might have done wrong or im missing?
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We have had many customers connect the TPS connectors to the MAP sensor. The TPS connection is on the far right of the throttle bodies and a bit difficult to get to. The MAP sensor (WRONG) is on the back of the airbox.

Let me know what you find.
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