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Anyone at Eagles Canyon Tomorrow (4/11)

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Just wondering if any members from TX are going to be at the RideSmart track day out at Eagles Canyon tomorrow (4/11). Just thought it'd be cool to make some introductions if anyone will be there. I'll be on an 04 with primered race glass. I'll be in Group 2.
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I know some RS peeps going up. I'm not, though.

You ever make it down here for TDs?
I've been down to TWS a few times but that's about as far south as I make it. Had a great time out at the track today. Turned out to be a beautiful day. Only complaint is that I'm terribly out of shape. I had a hard time running for a full session by the afternoon. If I can meet my goal of one track day a month this season I should be in good shape in pretty quick.
I'll be coming up to ECR, Cresson, and maybe Oak Hill this season. I'll hit you up, Chibb.
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