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Arata Can

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OK here is my dilemma, I purchased an Arata Can (Crooked Style) for a 07 CBR 1000RR and am having a diff time trying to find the mid-pipe for this can. I purchased one from Brad yet it was for the Box style and did not work. Does anyone know if another brand will fit or know of a sop where I an have one fabricated I am located in the NY Tri-State area. Thanks guys..
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oem from 04-07 will fit just fine as long as you have the sleve for the can!
wait a sec, you have a box ti mid pipe? i might trade ya for my crooked oval ti mid pipe if ya want. i might go for the straight exit wiht my new gp can, instead of the crooked look i had wiht my arata.
I have a box type slip on. In the event that you don't trade up with demonRR, how much would you be looking for?
Sell your slip-on to GGenovese and buy my Arata Trapezoid Full Titanium system.
I no longer have the mid pipe for the Box Style I returned it. So at this current time all I have is the Arata Can.
well isnt that a kick in the nutz. lol

its cool, my new gp can came in from japan today.

ill keep an eye out for a mid pipe for ya.
sell the box on here and buy my slip-on with new custom GP can. I can do like $375 shipped
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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